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Accent modification client testimonial

"I specifically came to Ben because I had a series of job interviews in English to prepare for. I was applying for a job in an American company based in my city, so most of my superiors, colleagues and customers are American or use American English as the language of communication. Ben's step-by-step approach gave me the confidence I needed to improve my pronunciation and communication skills in English, and ever since I started working with him, I have received positive feedback on my spoken English. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Ben to improve even more."

Murual Soumete - The Netherlands

"Ben is a really good teacher. He’s empathetic and respectful with his students. In the beginning, it’s hard to see the whole picture of what he’s teaching you, but when you put it all together, things become clear and you can see the direction everything is going. Everything is coherent and makes sense. Now I sound more natural and fluent, and my speech has more rhythm. I feel more confident about my pronunciation. It was a really enriching experience."

Marcelo Jara - Chile

Accent modification client testimonial

"English has always been a challenge for me. I didn't go to a school that taught it properly, and that left a lot of gaps, especially in my pronunciation. Now I am a professor at a university, and I must often communicate in English, which made me feel insecure. The classes with Ben gave me confidence, first by showing me that I don't have to hide my accent and then by giving me fundamental clues that allowed me to be more aware of my primary difficulties. This type of learning was critical as it not only helped me during the classes, but it will continue to help me now that they are over. I want to highlight not only the obvious - Ben's great professional ability -, but also his great human qualities, which make him an excellent teacher from whom you can learn a lot as he creates a warm and comfortable academic atmosphere that is ideal for learning."

Fernando Soler - Chile