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1:1 Coaching

Get structured lessons, personalized feedback and constant support.

Single Sessions

Single sessions are perfect for people who can't commit to a longer program and need last-minute assistance with a work presentation, a job interview, a business meeting, an international test (Speaking Section), or a short lesson on problematic vowel and consonant sounds as well as rhythm, stress, and intonation in General American English.

12-Week Program

If you want to understand and communicate in General American English effectively and confidently, then this is the perfect program for you. After identifying the areas you need to work on during the speech assessment, we will cover key aspects of General American English in detail, such as common reductions in everyday conversation and connected speech.

All Options Include The Following:

  • 12 x 50-minute sessions. Programs can be shorter or longer depending on the student's needs.
  • Weekly PDF worksheets and audio practice.
  • Mindset hacks to overcome limiting beliefs around English and a step-by-step method for creating realistic and effective habits to incorporate pronunciation work into daily routine.
  • Lifetime access to Google Drive and Google Classroom where all materials, such as homework, feedback,  practice sheets and session recordings are kept.
  • Problematic Vowel & Consonant Sounds in General American English.
  • Rhythm, stress and intonation in General American English.
  • Assisstance with vocabulary, slang, idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs upon prior request.
  • Assistance with preparation for job interviews, business meetings and presentations upon prior request.
  • Focus on words and phrases students use in their daily professional and personal life.
  • Customized lessons, constant feedback, homework assignments for out-of-session practice and weekly check-ins.

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