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Frequently Asked Questions

1:1 Coaching

It's a systematic approach for improving a person's accent and pronunciation so that they are clearly understood in everyday conversation. A person's native language can sometimes interfere with effective communication, so my personalized program is designed to help non-native working professionals and upper-intermediate (B2+) speakers improve their pronunciation in General American English in order to be understood in professional, academic and social contexts, such as workplace situations, job interviews and meetings, among others. Whenever you are ready to find out more, contact me via email or schedule your speech assessment here.

The accent that I teach my students during our private sessions is known as General American English. This is an umbrella term for the variety of English spoken by most Americans throughout the United States, and widely perceived as not being tied to any part of the country. In other words, this is a neutral type of American English that is used for clear and easy-to-understand everyday communication because everyone is accustomed to hearing it.

Yes, you can! Training your speech organs (tongue, lips, jaw, etc.) to produce new sounds is a process that takes self-discipline, commitment, and constant work, but it is 100% possible. As a speech and pronunciation coach, I will give you the tools and techniques that you need to improve the way you sound. And you will achieve noticeable results throughout our sessions as long as you are consistent with your daily practice, out-of-session assignments, and weekly feedback.

All sessions take place online via Zoom or Google Meet.

We focus on one sound and/or concept per session. I then assign homework so that you can keep practicing what you learned and make progress throughout the week. Given that all the coaching services that I provide are customized to fit your needs, we will select vocabulary that is personalized to your professional and/or educational goals so that you can speak clearly and naturally in your everyday life.

All prices are shared in detail via email after the speech assessment. But on average, single sessions range between $80 USD ($50.000 CLP) and &100 USD ($70.000 CLP). If you invest in the 12-week program, you get a 10% discount.

All payment transactions are made via PayPal. Chilean citizens can also make payments via Mercado Pago or bank transfer.

Absolute Fluency has a 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. All sessions must be canceled 24 hours in advance in order to be rescheduled or fully refunded.