Perfect English?

Posted On Feb 07, 2022 |

Is there such a thing as perfect English?

I've been an ESL teacher for over 9 years and I've helped hundreds of students improve their English skills, especially pronunciation because that's my expertise. And if there's one thing most students struggle with, that's confidence when speaking English. The good news is that it's easy to identify that you're having confidence issues, the bad news is that it's not easy to pinpoint why your confidence is not where you'd like it to be.

Brooke Castillo, American author and founder of The Life Coach School, created The Self Coaching Model, which states that our thoughts, feelings, actions and results are all interconnected. In other words, our thoughts produce our feelings, our feelings generate our actions, and our actions cause our results. Therefore, if you're having negative thoughts about your English, that's where you lack of confidence is coming from. 

So what kind of thoughts do you have around your English? Are they positive or negative thoughts? If your thoughts are negative, your confidence will not improve. Let me give you an example:

What's your thought?

"My pronunciation is terrible, so people will not understand me when it's my turn to speak."

How do you feel after thinking like this?

Frustrated, defeated and probably disappointed.

How do you behave after feeling like this?

You take a step back and decide not to speak up, so your ideas are not heard.

In order to help you start changing your thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones, I have created 10 affirmations for you. Feel free to write them down and repeat them daily. Awareness is the first step to getting your confidence back!

  1. My English pronunciation is getting better every day.
  2. My accent is part of my cultural heritage and that makes me proud.
  3. My mistakes in English don't define who I am.
  4. I'm constantly improving and learning. 
  5. I'm 100% committed to improving my pronunciation skills.
  6. My voice matters.
  7. Every day I feel more and more confident in English.
  8. My mistakes are a learning opportunity.
  9. English pronunciation comes naturally to me.
  10. I favor communication over perfection. 

I hope you practice these affirmations on a daily basis. And if you'd like to know how I can help you even more, click here to learn more about the services I provide to non-native speakers of English, and how we can work together to turn your fear of speaking English into confidence to achieve your goals. 

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