How to pronounce water

Posted On Apr 24, 2022 |

Why does the T in Water sound more like a light or fast D?

English is an interesting language because sounds and letters are definitely not the same. Take a look at these examples:

➡️ Sure

➡️ Husband

➡️ See

We have the same letter, the letter S, right? However, this letter has 3 different sounds in these words.

➡️ Sure has the /sh/ sound, so it's pronounced "shure".

➡️ Husband has the /z/ sound, so it's pronounced "huzband".

➡️ And See has the /s/ sound, so it sounds like it's written (thank God! 😅).

In the word Water, the letter T sounds more like a light D sound, so yes, you see a T, but it sounds like a D. Here are some more words where the T is pronounced as a light D:

➡️ City

➡️ Betty

➡️ Total

This happens when the T is between two vowel sounds, like in the words above. In this American English pronunciation video lesson, however, we're going to talk about the pronunciation of the word Water.

Just click the video video and watch the lesson.

And don't forget that, if you have trouble pronouncing a word, the best way to make it your own and build muscle memory is to repeat the word several times. First in isolation, then in a phrase and finally in a sentence. And the last step is to take it to the conversational level. This will make the word come naturally to you when you use it spontaneously. 

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