How to pronounce THE

Posted On Mar 14, 2022 |

Have you noticed that it's small words in English that can cause a lot of confusion sometimes?

There can be many reasons for this. One of them is that small words are usually considered function words, that is to say, words that have no meaning in isolation. They're mostly used to hold other more important words in the sentence together. But we will discuss this in another post.

Another reason, which we will talk about in this post, is that, depending on the preceding or following word, some sounds can change in English. So in this American English pronunciation video lesson, we're going to talk about the pronunciation of one of the most common words in English: THE.

Just click the video video and watch the lesson. You're going to learn how to pronounce THE once and for all because, yes, it's a small word, but also a tricky word because its pronunciation changes depending on the context.

And don't forget that, if you have trouble pronouncing a word, the best way to make it your own and build muscle memory is to repeat the word several times. First in isolation, then in a phrase and finally in a sentence. And the last step is to take it to the conversational level. This will make the word come naturally to you when you use it spontaneously. 

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