How to pronounce father vs fatter

Posted On Feb 14, 2022 |

What's the difference in pronunciation between Father and Fatter?

English is full of minimal pairs, that is to say, words that look and sound almost the same, but they usually differ in one sound only. This can make it complicated to know how to pronounce these words, especially for speakers of English as a second language

Unlike English, most other languages are phonetic, so they're pronounced as they're written. But English isn't like that, so in this American English pronunciation video, we're going to talk about two words that look and sound almost the same, but they differ in pronunciation. Father vs fatter. And trust me, you want to know this difference because you don't want to refer to someone's father as fatter, right? 😅

Remember that, if you have trouble pronouncing a word, the best way to make it your own and build muscle memory is to repeat the word several times. First in isolation, then in a phrase and finally in a sentence. And the last step is to take it to the conversational level. This will make the word come naturally to you when you use it spontaneously. 

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