Who can benefit from speech & pronunciation training? ​

Anybody who is looking to improve the way they sound can benefit from these kinds of programs, especially:

  • International working professionals and immigrants whose first language isn't English.

  • All non-native speakers looking to improve their communication skills in English.

  • International students who need to take an international test to study abroad.

  • International citizens applying for a visa to move to an English-speaking country, etc.

 What are the benefits of speech & pronunciation training? ​

There are plenty of benefits to working with a speech and pronunciation coach, such as:

  • Increased confidence in workplace situations, at university, or any other place where English must be spoken.

  • Clearer speech and, therefore, more efficient communication.

  • Fewer misunderstandings, embarrassing situations, and awkward moments.

  • More opportunities for professional advancement, etc.